Hair Loss In Women – Causes and Tips


Hair has its own way to signal to us that something is wrong in the body. Hair loss often prove hormonal imbalances in the body, or the problem of cell renewal in the scalp, and even emotional states such as stress can lead to hair loss. Hair loss is indeed a phenomenon usually associated with men, but that’s only because for men easier to see and thinning hair in women is usually gradual drop-out, unless it is in a severe state of dropouts.

Hormones are the main cause of hair loss in women, whether it is during periods of hormonal changes or taking birth control pills and other hormones and whether it is in situations of birth, receiving the first cycle and menopause menopause.

About 40% of the female population suffers from various periods in her life from hair loss, which is often a characteristic only temporary restoration of hormonal conditions, such as hair loss after pregnancy and childbirth.
However, it is important to note that at advanced thinning hair naturally for most women, and therefore, it is important to handle the drop before menopause and strictly following the treatment particularly well to hormonal changes that accompany situations, such as treatment for hair loss and thinning hair after birth.

Hair loss in women after childbirth
During pregnancy, although there is an opposite phenomenon at all of waxing the hair and the hair seems rather rich and has more volume than usual, but after birth usually starts a common phenomenon of hair loss varies from woman to woman but may take a long time a period of several months after giving birth to a year or a year and half from birth. Although meant to stop hair fall out after a year or eighteen months from the date of birth, but to speed up the return to normal thickness and volume, it is recommended to treat hair loss and scalp treatment by natural materials.

How to deal with hair thinning in women
Hair loss is reflected in dropping a variable amount of hair or just a gradual thinning of the hair, as gift hair loss in women previously been aware of relatively thick and suddenly it becomes thinner and can be seen at general hair hair looks less full and rich past. Other signs: the brush after brushing easy, loaded with hair or hair covering his shoulders and clothes.

The quality of the hair is often the result of a healthy scalp and therefore, to prevent and treat hair loss restoration, it is important to treat the scalp. Proper care of the scalp will help treat thinning hair and hair quality improvement over time.

Shampoo Fitotzian thinning hair – combines active ingredients from nature, grapeseed, ginkgo biloba, coconut oil and extract wood quinine, known to stimulate the scalp, help create new cells and strengthen the hair, and vitamins are known in the literature that regulate the secretion of excess milk and provide moisture to the hair. Fitotzian overlap in shampoo cleans the hair and scalp gently and gives it a healthy and well-groomed appearance. Suitable for daily overlap. As well as Fitotzian , Shampoo nioxin is awesome for women, and have great effect on slowing down your hair loss.

Who looks for strengthening the excellent combination shampoo and treatment separately – ampoules Fitotzian thinning hair – containing plant extracts, grapeseed, ginkgo biloba and plant and Ibronom, vitamins and minerals are known in scientific literature also expand and stimulate facial scalp there is a bundle of speculation is responsible for hair growth, nurture and regenerate the scalp and slowing down the appearance of white hair. Scientific experiment conducted in France by dermatologists for ampoules Fitotzian, proof of the effectiveness of Fitotzian treatment of thinning hair in 85% of cases.


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