Is Stress Causing My Hair Loss?

When faced with mounting evidence of hair loss, the first inclination is to panic. Hair loss has an emotional impact; it’s only natural to worry about why it might be happening, especially if hereditary hair loss might not be the obvious cause.

Stress is a natural part of the human experience, and periodic times of stress can even be beneficial to the overall health of the body. Stress naturally has a motivating factor, which can be managed to our advantage. Problems arise, however, when we become unbalanced and stress begins to overwhelm. When this occurs, not only are we affected mentally, but also we’re affected physically. One physical manifestation is loss of hair.

Which stressors contribute to loss of hair?

There are three types of stress that occur:

Acute stress

  • A singular event that causes great stress (e.g. death of a family member)

Episodic stress

  • Recurring stress that is typically the result of non-stop anxiety and worry

Chronic stress

  • Stress stemming from long-term chronic stressors that are not easily alleviated (e.g. high-stress profession, living in a dysfunctional family)

To determine the source of your stress, you should think carefully about your daily activities, and which may be contributing to a sense of anxiety. If certain activities are affecting your health to the extent that you are losing hair, then it is time to evaluate your options.

How can I decrease the amount of stress in my life?

If you’re hoping to lower your overall stress levels, it’s very important to determine if you need better coping strategies. It may be that you cannot change the stressors causing you problems (job, family) – but you can alter your response. By building better coping mechanisms to deal with your stress, you can halt physical manifestations of being overstressed. In short, you can slow or stop the hair loss, for example.

Many find that improving diet and adding physical exercise of some kind to their routine is an excellent way to decrease stress. Burning energy is a powerful way to lower stress, and competition can replace damaging stress with a healthier, more purposeful eustress.
If your hair keeps falling out

For those who’ve managed to lower stress in their lives are still experiencing hair loss, then it is definitely time to see a dermatologist to determine if alopecia is the cause. Dermatologists have a variety of hair loss treatments with which to combat hair loss. Additionally, trying an over-the-counter hair loss prevention product may go a long way to alleviating rapid hair loss as well.


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