What is the Nioxin shampoo?

Nioxin shampoo has been around for a long time, nearly thirty years, by now. It has managed to last this long, despite the company being bought out by a larger conglomerate in the last decade, because it doesn’t try to make large claims. You all know the kinds of advertisements that come out for hair loss products, and Nioxin doesn’t do things like that. It’s something that reviewers seem to appreciate, because it makes the job of reviewing less about disproving a claim made in an ad, and more about how effective the product actually is.

What it is, is a six-tiered system of shampoos and other hair care products, that can help return hair to a fuller thickness, or even at all. It comes in different forms because there are different levels of hair loss, from the thinning of thick hair to the complete loss of it in a bald spot. Neither is very satisfying for a lot of people, and that is why it was created. The shampoo’s creator made it for herself, to fight oncoming thinning hair. That little fact gives you an idea about how sincere the product tries to be; it was made because the creator didn’t want to deal with thinning hair, so clearly the purpose was to make a shampoo that would stimulate hair growth.

Reviewers, when they tested the Nioxin shampoo, all seemed to agree that there was a definite improvement to the condition of their hair. They also agree that if you want the actual results that you were aiming for you need to stick to the brands system. What that means is that when you get the trial product, as most shampoo companies give you, you need to stick with it for the full time period of about a month so that when you are done you can actually see that your hair was better than before.

When you think about hair care products, you always think of the before and after pictures that they throw up side by side. You have to appreciate a company that has enough confidence in their brand that they don’t try that. They know that if you get their stuff you trust it to do as it said it would, and it has faith in you to follow through. So if you get it, you use it, and you believe that it will make your hair more healthy than when you started.


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